Why Fit Winter Tyres?

We have all at some point in our driving careers have had the awful gut-wrenching experience of losing traction in winter and not being able to do very much about it. Here at I&K motors we whole heartedly recommend the fitting winter tyres to your car to minimize the risk of future tummy churning incidents. In fact, in some European countries its mandatory to own a set.

Winter tyres mainly work in two different ways to make sure you get to where you want to go. The first of which is the more obvious, the tread pattern on the tyre. The tread pattern on a winter tyre is designed to bite into the snow to create inter-locking grip, especially on the centre of the tyre where it carries the highest load. The tread patterns are also designed to disperse water more effectively reducing the risk of aquaplaning. The second way they help you is by containing more natural rubber than ‘normal’ tyres. This ensures that the tyre puts more rubber on the road at lower temperatures. This helps improve your cars stopping distance in cooler conditions.

In most cases, you would only really need to fit winter tyres to the driven wheels on the car. However, it is always best to check before committing to buying them as it may vary from car to car. Get in touch with our workshop and one of our experienced technicians will be able to tell you what’s best for your car.

Whereas most insurance companies recognise that their customers will fit winter tyres in the winter it always best to check with them if you have any doubts.

It is also important to make sure you swap back to your normal tyres when the weather starts to improve. Due to the high rubber content in winter tyres they will not last as long in higher temperatures. Your normal tyres will also provide more grip in the summer and are the safer option.

If you would like a quote for winter tyres or just some helpful advice about them just get in touch on 01467 625400 or alternatively you can leave your details here and we will give you a call back or drop you an email if you prefer.