Ten things you should always keep in your car

No one likes to imagine the worst but there’s no harm in preparing for it. What to include in your in-car emergency kit:

  • Spare coolant, oil and windshield-washer fluid.
  • A fully-charged mobile or, failing that, a charger that works off your cigarette lighter.
  • A torch – handy if you break down at night and need to inspect your car’s engine or alert a passer-by.
  • Jump leads to kick start the battery should it ever flat line.
  • An ice scraper – crucial for clearing the windscreen and windows in winter.
  • A portable air compressor – an easy-to-use, compact tool that can re-inflate a slow-leaking tyre, very quickly.
  • Versatile and lightweight, duct tape can act as a quick for just about anything.
  • Stay hydrated on long journeys, and when waiting for roadside assistance, by keeping spare bottles of water to hand (and some boiled sweets).
  • Store warm, waterproof clothing in your boot. A warm jacket may prove indispensable when waiting for roadside assistance.
  • In winter the interior of your car is often colder than the exterior. If you ever breakdown and have to spend some time inside your vehicle, a blanket will keep you warm.