Should You Choose Petrol Or Diesel For Your Next Car?

Petrol Vs Diesel

These days with engine technology becoming so advanced making the decision wherever or not to choose petrol or diesel for your next car is a difficult choice. With our guide, we can hopefully steer you in the right direction.


Petrol engines tend to be a lot quieter than their diesel counter parts and are also normally cheaper to buy, in some cases you can save £1500 choosing petrol over diesel. They are best suited to people doing average to less than average millage. It’s also worth noting that most Diesel engine cars come with a DPF filter. This filter can get ‘bunged up’ if the car is used for mostly short journeys, it can cost as much as £1000 to replace and is not covered by warranty. One of the most economical petrol cars we currently have for sale here at I&K is the Renault Captur which can return 55mpg on average and only costs £30 a year to tax.


To get an advantage over petrol with a diesel car you need to be doing the miles. If you are doing under 10,000miles you won’t see any advantage and may encounter the problems mentioned above. However, if you do 12,000 miles a year or more you will see the benefits. Some diesel cars are now capable of over 80mpg. On average, it will save you £500 a year on fuel compared to petrol. Diesel cars also tend to hold their value better especially if you are considering larger vehicles such as SUV’s. Also, many diesels are now tax exempt.

In conclusion, it all comes down the millage you are doing. The diesel car may on paper look the more economical. However, given the extra initial cost if you are not doing the millage you will never recoup the extra outlay. If you are in any doubt just get in touch and our friendly staff here at I&K can work out the best option for you for your next car.