Picking The Perfect Tyres

How to Pick tyres for your car.

The tyres on your car are arguably one of the most important components. But do we give enough thought to what tyres we fit? Fitting the right tyres can offer many benefits including more Grip, better handling and less road noise.

Before buying tyres it’s important to get the right size. This can normally be found in the handbook for your car or on the side wall of the tyre, if in doubt give us a call we should be able to tell you.

The tyre size code will look a little something like this:

195/50 R15 82H

The first part of the code ‘195’ is the width of the tyre in millimetres. The 50 that follows is the ratio of the tyre’s width to height as a percentage. Tyres with a low aspect ratio tend to be known as low profile tyres. These give a firmer ride and better handling but are usually nosier and more expensive. The R15 is the rim diameter, the size of the rim the tyre should be fitted to in inches. The 82 is the load rating. This indicates the maximum load the tyre can support. The H corresponds to the speed rating. The maximum speed in which the tyre can carry load, corresponding to the load rating. Q 100 V 149 R 106 Z Over 149 S 112 W 168 U 124 Y 186 H 130 (Y) Over 186

There is now several tyres available on the market. All of which meet strict safety standards. However, a better-quality tyre will last longer and give a better driving experience.

Premium tyres

Thanks to the high quality construction and materials used in manufacturing, premium tyres will generally last for 15,000 to 20,000 miles under normal usage.

Heavy investment in research, design and technology means that premium tyres benefit from improved stopping distances, fuel economy, grip (especially in wet conditions) and lower noise levels.

Mid-range tyres

If premium tyres are out of your price range you may wish to consider mid-range tyres. The brands may not be quite as well known as the premium brands, but you still get a sense of the technology which has gone into their development.

Mid-range can provide great value for money and depending on the type of driving that you do they can also prove to have a long life span

Budget tyres

In summer, budget tyres will perform as well as premium tyres, however they will normally only last for 7,000 to 8,000 miles and will not perform as well in wet or wintry conditions.

Run-flat? Run flat tyres most only be fitted to cars that they are designed for. They are designed to keep you moving for a short time should you suffer a puncture.

Season Most drivers in the UK keep summer tyres on their car all year round, but you may wish to consider winter tyres or all-season tyres for optimum performance.

If you need more information on tyres, or would like to book your car in for a new set. Give us a call on 01467 624500. Or enter your details here. We will make sure we find the right tyres for you.