I&K Motors Jargon Buster

With cars coming with more technology than ever, it’s hard to keep up with the increasing number of Acronyms and new terms. With this guide, hopefully it will get you up to speed! As always if you have any other quires just get in touch and a member of our staff will gladly help you out.

ESP – Or ESC is computer system that detects if the car is skidding, If the car dose start to skid the ESP system will begin to apply the brakes independently to steer the car where the driver intended Bluetooth- Is a technology commonly found in mobile phones and other devices. If a car has Bluetooth compatibility it allows the driver to operate their mobile phone ‘handsfree’ to answer and drop calls. Some cars with Bluetooth are now able to stream any music on the device to the cars radio and some can even read out your text messages.

ACC- Active Cruise control/Radar Cruise Control. This system allows the car to adjust its speed depending on what the car in front is doing whilst the cruise control is being used. Maintaining a safe distance always. Some cars can implement this feature in stop-start traffic, allowing the driver to keep up with traffic with minimal effort

Self-Parking – Several new cars these days are coming out with the ability to park themselves. The new systems can do both parallel and perpendicular parking. This system uses additional sensors on the exterior of the car. Once a button is pressed by the driver the car will begin to search for a parking space. Once it finds one large enough it will then guide the driver through several steps to park the car. The driver must only control the throttle/brake the car will steer itself.

Apple Car play/Android Play – These systems mirror some of your mobile phone applications onto your cars touch screen. Allows use of apps such as the phone, text messages, podcasts and music services such as Spotify and Apple music.

Onstar/Remote assistance – Several manufactures are starting to roll out remote assistance in their vehicles. Vauxhall is maybe the market leader at the moment with their system ‘Onstar’. Onstar gives you instant access to an Onstar advisor who can help you diagnose warning lights on your dash to uploading information straight to the satellite navigation system in the car. It will also contact you if the car has been involved in a crash and contact the emergency services if required. To access these services all you need to do is press a button in the cabin. However, they do usually require a subscription.

DPF – Diesel particulate filter. This filter is now fitted to almost all diesel engine cars. It removes a great deal of the soot created by these engines due to incomplete combustion. These filters have a regeneration process in which it deals with the fine soot particles. This is normally shown by a light on the dash. This makes diesels better for the environment. However, due to their nature diesels are now not suitable for people making mostly short trips as this can lead to the filter becoming blocked.