Brian Poppe Sr

Brian Poppe (Senior) is the Service Manager at I&K and in 2016 celebrates 24 years with I&K (and 38 in the Motor Trade). Brian likes British Classic Cars; starting his driving career with a Mini and having a MK1 Escort RS2000 as his dream car. He currently drives a MK6 Golf GTI and likes nothing […]

Stuart Wiseman

I & K’s Workshop Controller Stuart Wiseman has been with the company since July 1993. He is a car fanatic – starting off with a Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1 and now driving about Aberdeenshire in a BMW X5 3.0D. However, he would like to be ‘living the dream’ in a white Ford Sierra RS500!

Brian Poppe Jnr

Light Vehicle Technician Brian Poppe (Junior) has been with I&K (and in the Motor Trade) since 2003. He’s a car (and VW Golf) enthusiast – his first car was a MK2 Golf and his current car is a MK5 Golf with others in between, which he enjoys taking on road trips. Brian also likes the […]