Oversights That Could Make You Fail Your Next MOT

Some of the most common reasons to fail the MOT test are easy to avoid with a few simple and quick tests.  In the UK if your car is older three years old (and not made before 1960) then it must pass the dreaded MOT test. Not to be confused with a vehicle health check, […]

2017 Road Tax Changes

You may have heard that last year the former chancellor George Osbourne had a rethink about how new cars registered from April 2017 would be taxed. Which has left many buyers asking the question wherever to buy now or wait. Currently cars with CO2 emissions of 120 or less will fall in to the ‘low […]

Picking The Perfect Tyres

How to Pick tyres for your car. The tyres on your car are arguably one of the most important components. But do we give enough thought to what tyres we fit? Fitting the right tyres can offer many benefits including more Grip, better handling and less road noise. Before buying tyres it’s important to get […]

I&K Motors Jargon Buster

I&K Motors Car Tech JARGON BUSTER With cars coming with more technology than ever, it’s hard to keep up with the increasing number of Acronyms and new terms. With this guide, hopefully it will get you up to speed! As always if you have any other quires just get in touch and a member of our […]

Why Fit Winter Tyres?

Why fit Winter Tyres? We have all at some point in our driving careers have had the awful gut-wrenching experience of losing traction in winter and not being able to do very much about it. Here at I&K motors we whole heartedly recommend the fitting winter tyres to your car to minimize the risk of […]

Should You Choose Petrol Or Diesel For Your Next Car?

Petrol Vs Diesel These days with engine technology becoming so advanced making the decision wherever or not to choose petrol or diesel for your next car is a difficult choice. With our guide, we can hopefully steer you in the right direction. Petrol Petrol engines tend to be a lot quieter than their diesel counter […]

What 4×4?

It’s that time of year again when our thoughts turn to shovelling snow, Icy roads and of course the large man in the red suit. For some of us our attention turns to the suitability of the cars we are currently driving. If it is a 4×4 you are after the market is currently filled […]

Sensational September!

It’s going to be an incredible month here at I&K. We have over 300 cars all with up to 4 years 0% (Representative) and up to £500 cash back. We’ll also be giving great deals on part exchange. Come see us or visit our website to see the deals on offer. This September we have sensational offers on sensational […]

Preparing Your Car For Summer Driving

Many drivers embark on long summer trips, often abroad, without making even the most basic vehicle checks. When you consider that your car might be covering many miles at a constant high cruising speed for hours on end on a long summer holiday journey, it’s easy to see why preparation is important. Regular servicing should […]

Ten things you should always keep in your car

No one likes to imagine the worst but there’s no harm in preparing for it. What to include in your in-car emergency kit: Spare coolant, oil and windshield-washer fluid. A fully-charged mobile or, failing that, a charger that works off your cigarette lighter. A torch – handy if you break down at night and need […]